Posted on 28-03-2023


As usual, LOLA is again organizing three new working groups around which it will focus in the coming months. Would you like to know which working groups were organized? Then be sure to read on!

Every year, LOLA organizes three working groups, each focusing on 1 particular theme. This year, they will focus on the themes of cybersecurity, IT Skills at the local gov level, and inclusion and diversity. These themes will be further explored in the various working groups, resulting in a concrete outcome. These concrete objectives have not yet been defined but will be determined by the participants of the working groups. Would you like to participate in this? Then be sure to let us know at 


In the Cybersecurity Working Group, we are exploring the possibilities of an internationally accepted framework. In doing so, we will obviously not reinvent anything but try to bring various frameworks closer together. We will do this by giving 10 concrete tips to the organization but will also formulate some policy recommendations for national/federal governments.

IT Skills at the local government level

In the IT Skills at the local gov level working group, we are exploring the various needs and training opportunities that can help scale up our general knowledge. This can focus on hard and soft skills to best help each of us in the performance of his/her job.  

Inclusion and diversity

In the Inclusion and Diversity working group, we explore the various possibilities for incorporating the diversity that plays out within our organization and wider society into our operations and services as much as possible. In doing so, we want to include everyone in our story and the corresponding digitalisation.  

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